Originally from Chicago, where Georgia developed an appetite for architecture at an early age – long before she knew what architecture was.

Having the Chicago Art Museum, The Museum of Science and Industry, and the Field Museum
merely a long bus ride from home, she and her brother (who became an aircraft engineer and was one of the members of the elite Skunk Works at Lockheed), visited these vast storehouses of beauty, function, and history several times a year.

Later, after marrying soon to become Dr. Mannfred A. Hollinger, courtesy of Georgia and grants, she worked at ITT Bell & Gosset which manufactured hydronic pumps for industry and homes all over the world.

Family Is Important To Georgia
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Working on a team in Marketing and Advertising, she soon understood that she would have to know something about what the engineers were doing in order to market the products being marketed. This became one of the key mediums of education for her.

She learned how buildings had to be put together to accommodate their purpose. So, despite not having the education in architecture and anthropology she had hoped for, she got much of the educational material on the job.

Marketing and advertising require an eye for how words, pictures, photographs look on a page, as well as an eye for color.

Not many people have a literal “eye for color” which means, being able to see AND remember, more color than most people. Georgia was near thirty before she learned she had this precious gift.

And, so their various homes during her husband’s education, including; a basement apt. she furnished “on a dime” (which later was subleased on the new tenants being allowed to purchase the furnishings entirely); a trailer (the same model as in the “Long, Long, Trailer with Lucille Ball and Design Arnaz), in which she tore all the fluorescent lighting out of the walls and replaced, re- tiling the kitchen and bath, in light grey, and painting the metal cabinets dark brown creating a pleasant, despite being VERY COSY, VERY CHEAP, place to live.