Here are a few pictures of homes I have done over the years. Often, I am still working on the same house now, or a new purchase has been made.

The purpose of these pictures are not for you to find a style you like – they are here so that you may see that there is nothing the same about the projects I do.

Each house reflects it’s owner and it’s owners wishes. Many of the items are not new pieces, but rearranged in a pleasing style.

When we do need a new or different piece, there are many choices in terms of shopping, so your budget comes in here and dictates shopping trips..

When contractor(s) are needed, I have many professionals I have worked with over the years. If you have already selected a contractor, I will be happy to work with that person. This is your choice.

If you decide to sell, my many years of real estate experience as a broker/agent will help you in terms of staging with your own property if you wish to do so.

I have helped many clients buy and sell. While I have dropped my licenses I can help you with staging, and if you have not got an agent, I still have many connections whom I know will help you.


Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Photos Of A Few Past Projects